Sunday, 6 March 2011


Well, things have been neglected here. This was supposed to be the one stop shop for all things related to 'Dogs Chase Cars.'

Unfortunately, time running away like horses over the hills, almost all of the relevent information has been dropped onto my main site over at

So, here is a summary of what has happened so far...

1) The e-version of DCC was published 3rd February 2011 and has been doing pretty well for an unknown first timer. It has charted as high as 16 on the humourous fiction countdown. Generally, over the course of the day, it bounces around between early thirties and lower teens.

2) The paperback has sold much better than I imagined and that should only be helped in April when it starts to hit actual shops. First two on board are The Runaway Mule in Nacocgdoches, Texas - which is an amazing place run by my good friend and fellow writer, Tim Bryant. In the UK, it is to be picked up at News From Nowhere on Bond Street in Liverpool.

Personal Appearances;

I can be found over the coming of months in a variety of settings, doing whatever it is when we appear 'live and interrupted' to push a book at people.

First up is the Lancashire Writing Hub - on 24th March. This will be a reading at the Continental in Preston, Lancashire from 8pm onwards. The bill features a collection of other writers/poets, including Mark Charlesworth and Chris Newton, whose 'Life Begins at 40,' debut I am reviweing for The Hub, this very week.

I am also due to appear at the Ormskirk Owl writing/reading circle (date TBC).

In November, I will be apearing at Mark's Kitchen in Takoma Park, Maryland. This fantastic bar is one of the settings in 'DCC' and I am excited to be dropping in with a book and re-sampling the beer menu.

That's all for today. I wouldn't want anyone to gnaw their foot off.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Paperback available

The paperback version of Dogs Chase Cars can now be ordered via or

Meanwhile, I am set to confirm some book group appearances and radio interviews shortly.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Cover and News

So, here is the cover for Dogs Chase Cars. designed and illustrated by the brilliant Eric Uhlich.

I now have the proof copy and the go ahead has been given for publication.

Drugstore Books have designated February as 'Dogs Month' and will be including blogs, reviews and a couple of interviews regarding the book.

Meanwhile, if you want to read a spin-off short story Summer Slammin' inspired by two of the characters in the book, or find out what else is going on, please head over to

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dogs available in March

Dogs Chase Cars is the title of my first novel and it is available in March through Drugstore Books.

This blog has been set up to keep anyone who is interested notified of any Dogs related news.

Please feel free to comment or contact.

Spammers will be executed*

Many thanks

Mark Porter

* - No actual physical death will occur (stated for legal reasons).

So, what exactly is Dogs Chase Cars?

Horatio Goodman appears beset by large decisions that make themselves around him whilst he ties his shoe laces. He has made the unlikely swap from store detective to private detective following a night on the couch. He did not realise just how much of his time would be spent sat in his car, waiting for unfaithful spouses to provide ammunition for the divorce courts.
His best friend, Lambert Windle, failing at most things, except attracting women, is a college lecturer in English Literature and has somehow been decamped in the spare room for two years now. Two years of nocturnal shuffling and bumping, of bouncing bed springs and another stranger at the breakfast table.
Horatio’s wife, Megan appears to take all in her stride, fixed she says by her therapist. Changes are coming for Horatio, Megan has warned him. He must first visit the therapist and then notes can be compared, decisions arrived upon.
But just who is Caleb Pink? This shrink with the life saving touch? Was he not the bass player in a 1970s glam rock band, isn’t he massively and hopelessly depressed?
Megan floats through a world in which the three men closest to her, husband; lodger and former therapist look to her for reason and warmth. Two of them would probably like to share her bed; one of them just wants to connect with her again.
This is the story of what happens when broken people try to make some of the pieces fit together.